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Mediocracy - Biography

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"Mediocracy is a situation in the society in which mediocre people prevail. The society is subordinated to a quasi-egalitarian ideology in which words and ideas are redefined to be convenient for the average people. Other symptoms include dumbing, jargonism, infantilisation, vacuity, phoney democratisation and authoritarianism."

A five piece metal / punk band from Bucharest fighting against the very concept that, ironically, is thier chosen denomination? Mediocracy blends old school thrash, hard-core, black metal and raw punk energy
with a strong social message. Blending fast-paces aggression with melodic passages, the soundscape created serves as a basis for the
lyrical assault on man's inability to renounce aged concepts such as politics, religion and discrimination. While pointing out their gripes with society, the band also strives to better themselves as artists, and establish themselves in the underground scene.

The band had been in the works for a couple of years, but only when Viez met up with Radu in the summer of 2010 did Mediocracy become a fully fledged band. The complete line-up ( including Dop, Para and Costin ) was established around July of the same year, and since the band has been relentless, playing shows in Romania and around Eastern Europe together with acts such as Misery Index, Aghatochles, The Arson Project, Alpinist, E-force, Onslaught, Korrozao, Hang The Bastard, Unrestrained, The River Card, Never Built Ruins, Attack of The Mad Axeman, Showyou Squad, Sofy Major, Decaying Purity and UCK Grind.

In October 2010, the band out a self-titled demo, recorded live in the rehearsal room and printed in 50 handmade copies. November 24 saw the release of the debut album, "Human Progress - Endless Regress" on the local label Asiluum Records. The album has recorded live and engineered by Marius Costache, and released on CD,cassette and as a free download on

In December Mediocracy took the the road together with swedish grinders The Arson Project for a East-European tour through Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey and
Romania. Turkish promoters in Ankara put out a very limited Split CD containing 3 tracks from each band.

2011 saw Mediocracy featured on a compilation by Madrid-based radio Katadopein, and a handfull of shows in their local town Bucharest. This by no means represents a
pacing of the band's efforts, as a second full-length "Asoma" was released on Asiluum Records as a special edition digipack on 11 September. In 2011 Mediocarcy filmed a totally diy video for the track "On The Outside", with help of some friends, which was highly promoted by Blank TV. Right after, the band left in a new European tour, through countries like Greece, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania. Mediocracy ends glorious the year playing as main opening act for Venom, in Bucharest.

The year 2012 found Mediocracy working on a brand new E.P. It shows the new dimension of their way of musical brutality. The E.P. was entitled "Memory Hole" and was produced by Metalfan Records Division as a limited edition digipack, being promoted by several shows around Romania. It was recorded live and for the first time the band was captured on film the whole process. It was promoted again on Blank Tv. In 2012 Mediocracy shared the stage with some big names as well, like Napalm Death or Amenra. After the show with Amenra, in October, Radu Ionascu decided to leave the band so Mediocracy entered some seriously re-construction program.

In 2013 Mediocracy became a 4 member group, as the band decided NOT to find another second guitarist in order to replace Radu. In this line up, the band started recording a new studio material and also they announced the first concert dates for 2013. The first new song is "Gray And Poor", promoted by a brand new videoclip.