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Progressive metalcore
Between The Buried And Me is a foreign entity. Their music is out of this world and these aliens keep up the good form with The Parallax II: Future Sequence. They really know how to make challenging prog, and what's better than a concept album? Expect the usual head-spinning craziness, mind-blowing sequences and crushing discharges. A truly unique voyage.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Darkside Momo, Ag Fox, X-Ray Rod, Promonex
Progressive metal
This is how it should be: long, nice and easy, and sinewy. I'm talking about good prog, of course. And that is exactly what you'll find in March Of Progress. No big tricks, just good songs really.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Ag Fox, Ivor, Introspekrieg, Milena, Nefarious
Experimental schizophrenic heavy rock
And now for something completely different. It is simply the combustion of great ideas and forward-thinking execution. The weirdness is addicting, the electronic volts are fiery and the dreamy voice is the icing on the cake. There is nothing wrong with tasting something a little bit different.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: X-Ray Rod, !J.O.O.E.!, Introspekrieg, Marcel Hubregtse
ThanatoSchizo may be unknown but they are talented. This year's Origami couldn't be a better testament to that. The album is very unique: you'll find many Portuguese and other folk elements and instruments, outstanding original female vocals and acoustic brilliance. If you like progressive rock or just acoustic sounds and experimentation in general, chances are this album will not leave you indifferent. Other than that, good music is always worth listening to.

Unfortunately, Origami was the band's swan song, precisely when they decided to revisit their metal career. But at least we got this goodbye note.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Dane Train, Ivor, Susan, Fat & Sassy!
Long Distance Calling can have the same effect as a good poem. If you connect to it, it takes you to a whole new place where you can just enjoy the beauty of it all. In this case, that is provided by the intricate and often contemplative music of Long Distance Calling, which continue to offer us valuable albums. But much like good poetry, it mostly goes unnoticed.

Their largely instrumental music bends and twists, never afraid of invading and progressing into varied musical territories. Immerse yourself in the slick waters of these 'Invisible Giants', yet to be classified as such. It may not leave you completely satisfied, but it doesn't disappoint.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Ag Fox, Marcel Hubregtse, X-Ray Rod, wormdrink414
Combining beautiful acoustic pieces with heavy slow progressing guitars, as well as more straightforward murky sections, and vocals ranging from intense growls/screams to clean, the new Grayceon album is a bit of a musical melting pot. Jackie Perez Gratz' chameleonic voice and cello stand out in the mix and add further depth to an already rich album, where some songs reach epic proportions.

Showing convincing quality, well structured songs and innovation, All We Destroy is definitely one of the albums of 2011 worth listening to.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Introspekrieg, Susan, Ag Fox, Fat & Sassy!, X-Ray Rod

OSI - Free

Progressive metal
When Fates Warning's guitar mastermind Jim Matheos and ex-Dream Theater Kevin Moore unite, we have musical sparks. These sparks will burn you to the core with corrosive lyrics, bursts of heavy riffs, electronic soundscapes and weird noises. Some of these songs are like magnets, you can't help but being drawn to them. Expect musical "freedom", tasteful progressive metal and creative melodies.

OSI will release their new album later this year, so maybe we'll get some of that magic again. If you are in the mood for something different, give it a go.
Staff pick by: BloodTears
Endorsed by: Fat & Sassy!, Introspekrieg, Dane Train, Milena, Ag Fox