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Stratovarius - Trivia

Both vocalist Timo Kotipelto and guitarist Matias Kupiainen taught a metal camp at the Lappajärvi Crater Rock in June 2016, alongside with Wintersun's drummer Kai Hahto.
Two songs in the "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai" game are based off songs by the band. "Warrior From and Unknown Land" is based off the song "Infinity" and
"Moving Forward Fearlessly" is based off "Glory to the World" (both from the "Infinity" album released in 2000).
The current Stratovarius line-up features no one from the original line-up, and hasn't since 1996 when drummer Tuomo Lassila left due to musical differences. Although Timo Tolkki joined in 1985 and was the band's longstanding member (as well as the primary song-writer for most of the band's history), he was not a founding member. However, Tolkki did declare the band defunct in October 2007, before Stratovarius made their come-back, without Tolkki, in early 2009.
The name Stratovarius comes from a mixture of the words Stratocaster (Fender Guitar model) and Stradivarius (a violin brand).
The tune playing in the end of Before The Winter is Luke Skywalker's Theme from Star Wars.
The sample on Fantasia (Elements pt.1, 2003), saying "Fantasia can be found... in you" comes from Wolfgang Petersen's movie The Neverending Story (1984).