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Angelcorpse - Trivia

During 2004 Angelcorpse would donate their rendition of "Burning In Hell" to the Seven Gates Of Horror tribute album assembled by the Dutch Karmaggedon Media label in homage to pioneering Bay Area Thrash act Possessed.
Regarding the band's name, Pete Helmkamp stated in an interview; "We put it as two words on the demo, so Osmose learned it that way. But that was just a mistake at the printers... It was one of those flukes. But it is just a single word... It just seems to look more visually pleasing as a single word. It fits with the phonetics: we say 'Angelcorpse', not 'Angel Corpse'."
Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, the band relocated to Tampa, Florida in November 1998.
Angelcorpse split-up after the release of "The Inexorable" before getting back together in 2006. They split-up again in April 2009.