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Enslaved - Trivia

Although the band has used mainly English lyrics since "Monumension", their albums before that were mostly recorded in Norwegian except on their first full-length album, where three songs had Icelandic lyrics, while the lyrics on "Heimdallr" was an Old Norse excerpt from Gylfaginning by Snorri Sturluson. Most of their lyrics relate to Norse mythology.
When the Norwegian Liberal Party Venstre in 2008 suggested that downloading music from the internet should be legalized, Grutle Kjellson and Ivar Peersen from Enslaved didn't quite agree, so they went up to the leader of Venstre's farm to "download" one of his freerange mountain-sheep to see how he'd feel about his own suggestion.
Enslaved's tenth studio album "Vertebrae" was received as Album Of The Month in Terrorizer Magazine, and later their as Critic's Choice Album Of The Year for 2008.
When Enslaved was formed, its 2 members were 13 and 17.
The name of the band was inspired by Demonaz of Immortal, after the Immortal demo track "Enslaved In Rot".