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Wintersun - Reveal Old Demo Song Online, To Release Box Set

Coinciding with the release of their long-awaited Time II album on August 30th 2024, Wintersun will also put out a 12-CD box-set titled Time Package. The latter consists of Time II album in original, instrumental, isolated tracks, singles, and dynamic versions, a high-resolution wide format 8K album booklet, The Forest Seasons Loud And Modern remaster (includes the Instrumental version as well), new remix and master of "Loneliness (Winter)" acoustic, and early demos including 5 hours (56 tracks separated into five demo albums) of early unreleased Wintersun music. One of these demo songs, "Red Horizon (The Pirate Song)", can be listened via YouTube player.

Mastermind Jari Mäenpääc comments: "Here's a fun song from the 'Legendary Early Demos' collection. Today, I would, of course, upgrade the production, change the chorus, make the song a little bit shorter, add some big orchestrations and "pirate folk instruments and sound FX," and maybe even raise the tempo a little bit, and I think it would be epic! But for now, I hope you get a kick out of this initial raw version!"

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Posted: 01.04.2024 by Bad English


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01.04.2024 - 15:28
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Wow seems he run out of money hehe
I stand whit Ukraine and Israel. They have right to defend own citizens.

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
01.04.2024 - 16:01

April's fool !
01.04.2024 - 16:47

The Steel of the Gods is sick, sounds like early Ensiferum, which is the only Ensiferum that matters imo
01.04.2024 - 17:02
i c deaf people
Written by Bad English on 01.04.2024 at 15:28

Wow seems he run out of money hehe

I don't think so. He has already raised over €320,000 just with the current Patreon, which is still running for five months, plus the 500,000 bucks he squeezed out of the last campaign.
That's roughly €45,000 for every real (!) track Wintersun has ever released and more than an ordinary metal band has in the budget for the production of an entire album.

By the way, half of this news piece is either wrong or inaccurate.
This is not a box-set.
None of this but Time II will be available on CD. The Time Package compilation is a non-physical release.
Also, there will be more than 12 "albums". Time I is still missing and I assume the final package will contain at least two versions of it.

And while you're at it, please correct the typo in the second sentence. Unless "dingle" is supposed to be a blend of "dingleberry" and "single", then you may leave it so.
signatures = SPAM
01.04.2024 - 17:09

Written by Starvynth on 01.04.2024 at 17:02

a blend of "dingleberry" and "single"

Never heard of that one.
That is why it is always worth reading a comment by Starvynth addressed to Bad English up to the very end. It is guaranteed that you are gonna learn something, plus burst out a LOL.
02.04.2024 - 01:07

"Red Horizon" and "The Steel of The Gods" track he released are great. Haven't participated at the crowdfunding but I'm still hyped for Time II.

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