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New feature - Alias

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Posted by psykometal, 18.10.2014 - 09:05
Oky doky peeps, we gotta new feature for musicians in the Lineup editing area - Alias (optional) - aka "pseudonym".

Instead of putting in the musician's name with all their various pseudonyms (stage names) in "parentheses" (ex: Ted "Nocturno Culto" "Kveldulv" Skjellum), you enter just the musician's real name (ex: Ted Skjellum) and beneath that you'll find a new "Pseudonym" field where you can enter the pseudonym the musician uses for that band (ex: Nocturno Culto for Darkthrone, Kveldulv for Satyricon in the 90s).

And when you do this, on the musician's profile (once updated to get rid of the tons of pseudonyms) it will show only the real name at the top, and the alias, per band used, on the right of the different bands the musician is listed in. And on the different band profiles where you used the pseudonym feature, only the pseudonym will appear on the band profile.

I have already fixed Nocturno Culto's profile to utilize the new feature, so y'all can go to that profile for reference. Link

In order for this to work you HAVE to update the musicians profile also. We added a "Also known as" field in the musicians profile where you can add their stage name, or names if they go by different in other bands. (comma separated)
Use this so the musicians are searchable with their alias, as well as their real name. Not everyone knows their real names and if you take out the pseudonym it can get confusing.

This feature is for pseudonyms only, not nicknames; so musicians like George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher and Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho need to be left as they are.

Also, as you fix the multitude of profiles that this feature was designed for (damn near every black metal band in our database ), please comment in the report mistakes thread that such and such musicians pseudonyms have been fixed/applied/whatever'd, and so their musician profile name needs correcting to remove the pseudonym; like on Nocturno Culto's profile.

Happy editing!

ATTENTION: right now only the real name (if a profile was already edited) shows up in the drop down feature when adding a new member to a band. We are working on having the alias show up as well. This is fixed now. If the musician profile is updated and also has the AKA field filled in, it will show up when you try to add a new member to a band.
29.12.2014 - 20:39
D.T. Metal

Written by M C Vice on 29.12.2014 at 11:54


got ya. Well, the line-up feature on albums is hinged on the musicians profile - which is their REAL name. I can check with Ivan if we can modify this.
28.01.2016 - 20:47
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
What to do if dude use alias name in one or two albums and then use real name as Virgin Steele singer what Belegur trys to eddit?
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29.01.2016 - 06:10
A staff guy...
Written by Bad English on 28.01.2016 at 20:47

What to do if dude use alias name in one or two albums and then use real name as Virgin Steele singer what Belegur trys to eddit?

Use the current name they are going by in the band, and include the original alias in the AKA field on the musician profile.
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