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08.11.2007 - 18:44

I recently got the new album of Yearning, Merging Into Landscapes, which was released by Holy Records on October 15th. This is again an awesome piece of melodic doom goth metal. Unfortunately, in spite of its obvious greatness (I mean, this band kicks Novembre anytime IMO) this Finnish band is usually overlooked by pretty much everyone. So it's only justice they have a thread here.

If you want to hear what intricate doom/goth with amazing vocal harmonies and interesting songwriting sounds like, check out their songs here, thanks.
08.11.2007 - 20:03
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
I already knew this band (thank you Holy Records' cataloghe catalog ), on the other hand I did not know that they had released a new album some weeks ago.

I like a lot their works in a funeral and symphonic register. There're unique atmospheres, an intimist side with melodic contents. A must in the genre.

I'm going to have a look to this new album .
08.11.2007 - 23:54
Account deleted
They have a really neat sound, I like it.

Strange how my band has more friends than them on MySpace though.
09.11.2007 - 00:01
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
I know them, long ago but mor ename how muic, because i had dounloud in past album 'With Tragedies Adorned' and i like it, also hear something from other albums and i like it too, good covers, good lyrics but i cant find anything of them
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