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Johnny Lima - Made In California review

Band: Johnny Lima
Album: Made In California
Release date: 2003

01. Made In California
02. Best Night In My Life
03. The Chosen One
04. Go On, Go Away
05. We've Got Tonight
06. Another Girl
07. Help
08. Love Ain't Enough
09. Something About You
10. Where Are You Know
11. Welcome To My Paradise

God knows that when I was younger I used to listen those 80's Glam Hard Rock bands, among my favorites were Cinderella, White Lion, Bon Jovi, Mr. Big and Slaughter… I think that I have one or two tapes somewhere, hidden for when my metalheads friends come over…just kiddin' ! but seriously, I like hard Rock, although it's been a long time since I've heard some of it.

It's a funny thing that this guy last name is Lima, and I live in Lima - Peru, maybe I was destined to review this Cd since the moment it was conceived? Eerie. Well, it has to be fate intervening here, because I would never had bought this Cd (this was a promo), and why is that? Because I think that the cover art really sucks, what's with the logo with the U.S.A. flag? And that deformed Hot Rod with the license plate, that have the initials "JL" again in the American flag, what? Is this guy a fan of Jennifer Lopez? Phew…

So, cover art apart, (hey! That rhymes!) Mr. Lima is offering us 11 tracks of "modern" Hard Rock, don't expect any resemblances with the after mentioned acts here, except with one: Bon Jovi, this guy sound a lot like Bon Jovi.

I must say that I really liked this one, and you know why? Fun. This record is fun, I know it was fun doing it, and is fun to listen, it has a lot of happy songs with catchy choruses that really make my day, yes, sometimes I don't feel in the mood to listen some Black Metal, sometimes I just want to listen easy going fun music that doesn't make me break stuff around.

Songs like "Best Night In My Life" put me in a very good mood, and I'm those who like to sing along the music! The Cd has the mandatory Power ballads like "We've Got Tonight" and "Something About You" both great songs too, my favorite song in the album is "Another Girl" a fast paced song with a ultra catchy chorus, this songs makes me… happy.
I can't forget to mention the excellent, wonderful rendition of the Beatles hit single "Help" a complete makeover has been done to this song and let me tell you that Mr. Lima should do an entire "Beatles Tribute" album, now, that's a good idea.

Anyway, against all my premonitions this a excellent Hard Rock album, really fun to listen! All fans of Bon Jovi and Hard Rock in general should check this out, next time I want to be happy I'll put his on the record player, today I've played like 5 times. I need some Doom Metal to even the scale.

Written by Undercraft | 07.01.2004

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