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The well-known Power Metal label Limb Music Products are going to release a compilation in which they have one song from almost all their signed bands and some they had signed before.
It's containing 28 songs, from 28 different bands, and on the digi-pack version, you'll get 3 videos as well as a poster and some stickers.
Sounds like a nice gift, doesn't it?

Limb has been around for quite awhile now, and have got some really good bands signed, such as Rhapsody (Which they have lost now, to SPV/Streahammer). So they really have the experience and power do release something like this.
Even it I'm not much for Best-of and compilations, I have to say that this is the smartest thing you could do it.
You both give and take, as a label.
I mean you give everyone a chance to discover new bands that many never would have heard if you didn't to this.
And you get very good promotion from it, both the bands and the label it self, when people both buy the compilation and maybe some of the albums from the bands.
So it sounds like a quite fair, and good deal for both Metalheads and Limb.
And that the price for the this compilation is going to be like a mid-price album and no like full-price album is very good, I have to give Limb a plus for that.
And the cover isn't do bad either, it's very good.

So here you have a really nice compilation that you'll get for a very good price, you get a chance to discover many new bands that you never heard before.
So check it up, it's compilations like this that's worth those little money you spend on it.

Written by Malcolm | 14.02.2004

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