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10 Fold B-Low - Low Tuned Output review

Band: 10 Fold B-Low
Album: Low Tuned Output
Release date: June 2004

01. Input
02. Break Your Neck
03. Run
04. Pain In Progress
05. Left Alone
06. Bow Down 2 No.1
07. Burning
08. Obey
09. Final Loneliness
10. Away
11. Bloodshed
12. Output

Yet another quite old release is up for slaughter, the reason why this review has taken over three months is simply because my unwillingness to review too many Nu-Metal reviews in a row, because believe me, I receive a lot of them.
Anyway, 10 Fold B-Low hails from Germany and this is their first release, and I'm sure the world would be the same even without the release of this.

After a 3 minutes and 11 seconds long intro, the first hellish song starts, its named "Break Your Neck" and I don't like it. Typical boring and bad guitars and a very boring and screaming singer (if we are allowed to call him a singer) making as much noise as they can, and make noise they can. It's a boring and very unoriginal starter and this augurs ill for the rest of the album.

I actually can't understand that some people call this Metal, there's no Metal what so ever in Nu-Metal, but I guess it's because there are electric guitars and screamy vocals, that evidently enough for some.
Anyway, the albums moves on, and the most untipped thing happens, song number 2 is even worst than the first, the laughing-scream-vocals are awful and I've hated the song since the first time I heard it.

All of this might sound very negative, but that's because I'm so damn tired of releases like this, isn't it time for Nu-Metal to die soon? It has been around way to long now.
But if I shall try to pick some positive sides I have to start to say that the production is good, it's very clean and you hear all of the instruments as much as you can ask for.
Also the rhythm section does a good job, both the bassist and the drummer makes at least that part good, but with some real guitars and s better singer, and of course a change of style would make this all better.

True Metallers, stay away, you have absolutely nothing to gain here, this is just another bad Nu-Metal album that won't make anyone (except the nu-metallers) happy.

Check Out: Another album, another review! (But if you insist to try it, try "Left Alone", some clean vocals and actually some riffing makes this track less bad).

Written by Malcolm | 22.12.2004

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