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Lux Incerta - Lux Incerta review

Band: Lux Incerta
Album: Lux Incerta
Release date: April 2004

01. Clear Water
02. The Monk
03. Miserabilis
04. Miserabile

Doom Metal is without any doubt one of the most original and innovative parts of the Metal scene nowadays. If countries like England or Finland have a lot of famous bands and masters of the genre, unfortunately I'm not sure that France has a lot of combo which are famous all over the world But since a few years we have some good surprise, after all maybe that France can be a country for Doom Metal too Lux Incertia, is one of this surprise Humm no, surprise is not a good word to describe this band revelation is certainly better

In Latin, Lux Incerta means "twilight", the band chose this name because of this fight between the light of the day, and the darkness of the night. It's a perfect name to describe their music, something sad and melancholic like the dusk, but also beautiful and touching like the sunset. The music of Lux Incerta is something between Anathema, Katatonia and My Dying Bride, a perfect Doom Metal in the pure tradition of the best bands forged into sadness. Don't worry they knew how to write something however with their own originality, this is a demo of only four songs but it's more than impressive. Of course there is some reasons, the members of the band are not really newcomers, Agone for example is also the bassist of the well know band Penumbra, Alexis is a member of The Last Embrace, but in fact to sum up, all this guys are just talented musicians.
All the compositions of this album are excellent, it sound more professional than a lot of bands which are already signed. The four songs are catchy well written, I say it again, but it's really impressive to see such work on a demo.
Musically, "Lux Incerta" gives a lot of slow and melodic guitars riffs with lyrics in majority in English but also in French. The voice of Agone is maybe a bit faltering sometime but really beautiful, and I have the feeling that he could become a great singer. For the others parts of the music and then for the work of the others musicians, I can't say something wrong, really that's perfect. At the end we have a doomish general ambiance of a top quality, Hail guys !!!
The production is also incredible. For a demo, it's hard to have this kind of sound frequently. I'm even not sure to remember a demo with a production of this quality, but we have the proof here that we can do something professional even for a demo. Some young bands (and even some signed band) could follow this example

This demo is a pure jewel I can only recommend it to all the fans of Doom Metal, to all the fans of beautiful and sad music. Lux Incerta deserve to find a good label; honestly it will be hard for me to wait their first album. I'm a fan of Doom in general that's the truth but I think that my opinion is partial on this album and for the ones who don'tknwo again that music can give a great feeling, I will only recommend you to listen to this kind of band. This demo is a masterpiece, this band will be for me and for sure, one of the relevation of the year

Written by Jeff | 10.11.2004

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