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Lux Incerta - Lux Incerta [Demo]

Release date: April 2004
Style: Gothic metal


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01. Clear Water
02. The Monk
03. Miserabilis
04. Miserabile

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recorded and mixed by JJ Moreac

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Doom Metal is without any doubt one of the most original and innovative parts of the Metal scene nowadays. If countries like England or Finland have a lot of famous bands and masters of the genre, unfortunately I'm not sure that France has a lot of combo which are famous all over the world But since a few years we have some good surprise, after all maybe that France can be a country for Doom Metal too Lux Incertia, is one of this surprise Humm no, surprise is not a good word to describe this band revelation is certainly better

published 10.11.2004 | Comments (0)

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