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Bipolar Architecture - Metaphysicize review

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Band: Bipolar Architecture
Album: Metaphysicize
Release date: February 2024

01. Metaphysicize
02. Disillusioned
03. Death Of The Architect
04. Kaygı
05. Alienated
06. Immor(t)al
07. Dysphoria

Started from the bottom (having your debut EP covered in our Clandestine Cuts series) now we're here (having your album released by Pelagic Records).

I'm genuinely happy for how big of a leap Bipolar Architecture have made since we first got to know them. Pretty much every review will have to mention how the band has its origins in another band, the death metal Heretic Soul, and if that's taken into consideration we've technically first covered them all the way back in 2008. But experiences in other bands are becoming less and less relevant, especially as little to no death metal remained in Bipolar Architecture's DNA. What's relevant is that the band have been very impressive even on their Tragic Protagonist EP back in 2020, and their graduation to being a full-length band with their Depressionland album is one I personally praised. Having the follow-up be released by arguably the biggest label in post-metal not only proves we were right to believe in them from the beginning but also that, more importantly, Bipolar Architecture's efforts have been rewarded.

And speaking of their efforts, Metaphysicize isn't necessarily that huge an improvement over Depressionland only because of how well Depressionland already nailed the band's progressive post-metal sound. There's multiple sounds that go into what Bipolar Architecture do and even if "post-metal" is definitely the one main genre I'd use to describe them as, there's still quite a bit that sets the band apart. Djenty chugs may not be as prevalent as on their debut EP, but they do appear and they're quite tastefully integrated (see "Immor(t)al"). Perhaps it sounds tasteful because the progressive leaning work to accentuate and contrast the atmospheric side of the post-metal. But as it is, it doesn't feel like the progressive side is on the forefront here.

What's on the forefront is a more shimmering kind of brightness that's infused in the post-rock side, black metal also seems to have an even stronger presence here, not only in the gruffness of the vocals but also in some more specifically black metal riffing and blast beating that can rear its head in, and that blended with the aforementioned brightness does create a blackgaze feeling to the record, something that feels strongest on "Kaygı", also the first of the band's songs to use lyrics in their native Turkish. Alternatively the vocals also remind me of something a bit more hardcore/crust punk leaning, making Metaphysicize sound like a brighter and chuggier Downfall Of Gaia, although I wish the vocals were as varied as the instrumental side. All of this with the kind of production that's pristine and can augment the atmospheric focus of the record.

The growth shown by Bipolar Architecture placed them as a band that can stand on their own two feet, where the fact that they came from a prior band or that they're one of our CC babies is less relevant than the fact that they are Bipolar Architecture.

Written on 10.02.2024 by Doesn't matter that much to me if you agree with me, as long as you checked the album out.

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