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Sun Caged - Sun Caged review


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Band: Sun Caged
Album: Sun Caged
Release date: October 2003

01. Sedation
02. Sun Caged
03. Home
04. Soil
05. Hollow
06. Closing In
07. The Eighth Day
08. Secrets Of Flight
09. Unchanging

Hooo myyy god !!!

What a great moment, this first album of the Prog metal band Sun Caged is just a pure killing trip.
I remember one day, watching the "Star One tour" DVD of Arjen Lucassen; there was a young keyboardist named Joost Van Den Broek and he was very impressive and full of talent. And now, I'm so surprised to see him in this incredible band.

9 tracks full of energy and surprises...

"Sedation" is the starting point with melodic voice's lines, classique backgrounds; reminds me the first openning track from the "6 degrees..." of DT. "Sun Caged", now direct introduction in the Sun Caged world; strong rythms, progressive ambience in the chorus, Jazz and classic smooth piano stuffs. "Home" is starting slowly with acoustic's guitars and Keyboard's atmosphere. But return to the electrics and progressive's univers with a master instrumental part... "Soil" with the magic and wonderfull chorus like also in "Hollow". "Closing in" and the psychedelic's riffs. Back to the prog metal rythms with "The Eighth Day". My favourite one is "Secrets of Flight", full of Maestria and power sounds from Marcel Coenen (Guitar). "Unchanging" the slow song of the album, a pleasure for the ears...

I just have to say: "A MONSTER!!!" This album kick ass a lot !!!
Sometimes a little bit too much into the influences of the band... but it's a detail.
It's cool, well composed, funny, sad, strong, passion, hate....

Written by The_Ghost | 03.10.2003

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06.11.2009 - 23:30

Great review for an amazing band I just discovered. These guys are fantastic!
30.11.2022 - 09:31

Like to go back in time and read old reviews and re-listening to albums forgotten... really great progy album indeed !
30.11.2022 - 12:33
JoHn Doe

This is a great album indeed.
Their second album is solid, too.
I thought the two primary purposes for the internet were cat memes and overreactions.

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