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Visions Of Atlantis - Eternal Endless Infinity review

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Band: Visions Of Atlantis
Album: Eternal Endless Infinity
Style: Symphonic metal
Release date: 2002

01. Intro
02. Lovebearing Storm
03. Silence
04. Mermaid's Wintertale
05. Lords Of The Sea
06. Seduced Like Magic
07. Eclipse
08. The Quest
09. Chasing The Light
10. Atlantis, Farewell ...
11. Lovebearing Storm [bonus][demo]
12. Mermaid's Wintertale [bonus][demo]
13. Seduced Like Magic [bonus][demo]

Accompanied by a relaxing pint, the hobbit review is written. This time it concerns the first album of a fairly controversial Austrian symphonic act Visions Of Atlantis. The first album of theirs bears the romantic title "Eternal Endless Infinity". Visions Of Atlantis, now working with Melissa Ferlaak, the wonderful voice some know from Aesma Daeva, had a pretty much different line-up five years ago. The two founding members who are still active in the band today are the bass player Mike Koren and the drummer Thomas Caser. The vocals were provided by Christian Stani and Nicole Bogner. A fascinating thing about the latter singer was the fact that she was only eighteen years old back then.

Visions Of Atlantis has received very diverse criticism. Some praise the band to heavens while others curse them to hell. While speaking about this band it is impossible not to draw parallel lines with the "Finnish wonder" Nightwish. Visions Of Atlantis has been compared most often to this band since the release of "Eternal Endless Infinity". Similarities with Nightwish have always been the main cause of constructive and destructive criticism.

There is unfortunately not very much to speak about the debut album itself. The musicians have done a fine job, Nicole sings nicely during all the songs and the male vocals by Christian cannot be bashed either. Everything is nice and pretty. Unfortunately the positives end here. Nicole's voice is good but bears resemblance to Tarja Turunen's. As she was younger and less experienced back then it is clear that the quality leaves a slightly sad impression that the singer is Tarja's younger sister who wishes to follow her famous elder sister. The music follows the same style that made Tuomas Holopainen famous. However, it turns out to be slightly diluted. The melodies seem faint though one cannot accuse the musicians since they play everything very well.

There are not very many special songs on this album. The ones that sound most interesting and catchy are "Lovebearing Storm", "Mermaid's Wintertale" and "Lords Of The Sea". The overall album seems like a sleepy ride through pretty scenery. Everything is pretty and nice but lacks originality. Even the catchiest sequences are in danger of turning dull amidst all this pastel landscape of lovely music. The conclusion is that if anyone is searching for music to get pumped up to, "Eternal Endless Infinity" is something to avoid. Nightwish, for instance, is good for pumping up.

The band itself has been torn by two sides since their first album. Being called a tacky substitute for Nightwish by some and given the title of "new and better Nightwish" by others. The discussion is endless ever since. All in all this album is beautiful but uninteresting. This doesn't mean that the band is weak. On the contrary, "Eternal Endless Infinity" is a grand album if one wishes to relax during work or after it because the music is beautiful after all and the atmosphere nice.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 4
Production: 7

Written by Ernis | 12.07.2007

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03.11.2010 - 23:33
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Don't think it's fair to comapre them to Nightwish. That is always the folly of any symphonic band with a female lead vocalist, this album is actually really good, the vocals are pretty damn awesome

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