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NYIA - More Than You Expect review

Band: NYIA
Album: More Than You Expect
Release date: November 2007

01. The Same
02. Birdies
03. Low - Life
04. Morning's Copper
05. Hesus
06. Inaccessible Things
07. Bored Song
08. Yellow
09. Desert
10. Kilar's Hairstyle
11. Ray - Mundi
12. Hallo
13. Ambitus
14. Nine

"More Than You Expect" is the second album of the Polish combo, NYIA. The originality of this band doesn't come from the fact that they play Grindcore but from the fact that they have a lot of Jazzy influences in their music. They're maybe not the first ones to do it but it's cool and not so common to listen to such kind of sound really. "More Than You Expect" is a surprising album!

"More Than You Expect" is really surprising because the songs can be really soft with clean vocals and turn into real war field after some seconds! If you add to this music some really good interesting Jazzy influences and of course if you don't forget the hyper violent Grindcore riffs and tempos, you can maybe understand how "More Than You Expect" sounds. NYIA is an original combo and their second album is varied. I like to listen to surprising bands and NYIA is one of them, the Polish band is original and plays a really varied music. "More Than You Expect" is never linear and all the songs are different and I'm sure that some of you will like the alternation between really soft music which is not so far away of Post Metal and Grindcore.

On the other hand, when a band chose to mix Jazz and Grindcore, this can be a bit messy and that's the main problem of "More Than You Expect". Not that this album is bad, not at all, but sometime its just goes in a dozen of direction and it can be a bit hard to understand where we are. Also, I'm sure that the fans of pure Grindcore will be disappointed by the soft side of the release but if you can go with it and if it's not so disturbing for you, I think that "More Than You Expect" should be a good release for you. At least it doesn't suffer of any big problems and with its correct production and valuable songs, this is a good CD.

It's never easy to find original bands but NYIA is one of them. Their second album "More Than You Expect" is not perfect maybe but it's a good release with a lot of good ideas. It will just depend of your point of view when it comes to listen to Grindcore. If you don't like crossover between music, I doubt that you'll like "More Than You Expect", but if you're into "progressive" stuff, "More Than You Expect" will be a must. Try it and you'll see but I'm ready to bet that a lot of people will like this release.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 22.04.2008

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