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Rorcal - Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa review

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Band: Rorcal
Album: Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa
Release date: 2008

01. Aurore
02. Savernaya
03. As Doubt Grew From Her Soul
04. Norys
05. Dysrethmia
06. Tension Echoed From the Heart Of The Ocean
07. Ether
08. Ataraxia
09. And From Their Corpses A New Chapter Begins

Slow tempo, dirty sound and depressive ambiances, those few words are perfect to describe the music of Rorcal, a new band from Switzerland which has chosen to play in the really active and trendy category of the Doom Metal, Sludge and Post Hardcore bands. "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa", their first album will be the way to get a name and maybe that you'll become one of their new fans. Who know after all a lot of people listen to such music nowadays so why not?

I really hope that you like dirty sound and ambiances because with "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" you'll not get anything else. The music is composed of really slow and mid-tempo riffs in addition of really loud screaming Hardcore vocals. This is really basic on a side but like all the bands which play this kind of music this are not the melodies or the "beautiful" music but the really oppressing ambiances which are the main forces in the releases. "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" is slow, dark and above all extremely dirty and disturbing. Every songs, which are all really long, will give you shivers and will only give you bad feelings. This is really well done and "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" succeeds in its mission which is to transform you into someone who is totally uncomfortable.

But on the other hand, you'll have to be into this kind of sound to enjoy it. Someone who cannot stand dark music and above all, slow stuff will simply hate the release. Let's be honest, all these bands are extremely elitist in the end and the basic listeners will not understand it and will hate it. You know what, I understand these people, "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" is really special and for the fans of the genre only. The music is not technical but this is complex and you'll need a lot of time to understand it. Though of course if you like all the bands like The Ocean etc, I'm quite sure that you'll like Rorcal but be aware that we're at the top of the darkness here and this is not the good production which will save your soul?

"Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" is a good album but this is recommended for the fans only. I'm sorry but despite a revelation, I don't see why and how the metalheads who don't uses to listen to such sound will like the release. I don't think that Rorcal cares about it; when you write such Metal you're into your world anyway. "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa" is not the best release that I've heard in the genre but this is a solid album so, fans of Doom take a look at this!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 01.10.2008


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02.10.2008 - 12:27

Dark, dirty ambience. Sounds interesting, even Im not much fond of slugde but I ll check this out.

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