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Darkwell - Metat[r]on review


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Band: Darkwell
Album: Metat[r]on
Release date: November 2004

01. Fate Prisoner
02. Strange
03. Metatron
04. Crown Of Thorn
05. The Machine
06. Hope Unborn
07. Nothingness
08. Far Cry
09. Last Glance
10. Don't You Forget About Me [Simple Minds cover] [Limited edtion bonus]

Darkwell is a band that despite the earned popularity, never was considered in my books as a great Gothic Metal band, although I like very much the genre.
Despite they've been around since 1999 this is their second full length after a debut and a Ep, also this album marks the debut of new vocalist Stephanie Luzie taking over Alexandra Pittracher.

First thing first, I always have complained about the lack of imagination and creativity of this band with their cover arts, they were plain ugly, now they finally realized that and we have a gorgeous cover art, worthy of a established act such as this.

I'm afraid I cannot say the same about the music, because I didn't find it interesting at all, new vocalist Stephanie Luzie does a good job, but I find her voice a little bit powerless against the music of Darkwell. Meanwhile, the band plays relying in heavy catchy guitar riffs and some keyboard work, most songs are mid-paced, I didn't found any song with a fast furious pace like "The Crucible" although "Far Cry" deceived me for a while.

While the album is listenable, doesn't draw the attention it should have, simply because songs are too much alike and are few songs that really stand out. To me, the best song of the album is the title track "Metatron" , the haunting piano at the beginning and the catchy rhythms makes of this a worthy song.

At the end almost no composition touches me, the album becomes boring after a few listens and who knows maybe after a couple more will become unbearable. A mediocre album from a good band, no big surprises, not much creativity, is a shame to waste such beautiful cover art in an album like this.

Written by Undercraft | 21.01.2005


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11.06.2007 - 23:51
Rating: 6
Jason W.
I just happen to be going through my music collection, and came across this CD by Darkwell. And you're right, it's a deceiving and disappointing release, because it has everything you want - except good songs. Stephanie cannot carry this band with her voice, as it's too flat and rarely do I feel emotionally touched by it. In fact, I cannot remember a single line of lyrics from this disc, because the music never gives me much of a reason to care.

The drumming is the best part of this release - he's always been top notch and does not disappoint - however, the guitarwork is useless, too heavy and only is listenable due to a great studio sound. I want to like this CD, but I hope it goes another 2-3 years before I have to listen to it again, unfortunately.
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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