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Seventh Wonder Albums Ranked.

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A great band that has now released a string of great albums. This list is pretty much set in stone even if Tiara and Waiting in the Wings could change place, let's see if I like Tiara equally much in a couple of years. Hopefully they will release a new one pretty soon, 8 years between the two last ones is way too long time.

Created by: majormalfunction | 02.09.2019

1. Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls
2008 Rating: 10 Top picks: Hide & Seek, The Black Parade, Break The Silence
2. Seventh Wonder - Tiara
2018 Rating: 8 Top picks: The Everones, Exhale, Damnation Below
3. Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings
2006 Rating: 8 Top picks: Star of David, Not An Angel, Banish The Wicked
4. Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape
2010 Rating: 7 Top picks: The Great Escape, Wiseman, Move on Through
5. Seventh Wonder - The Testament
2022 Rating: 7 Top picks: The Light, Reflections, Warriors
6. Seventh Wonder - Become
2005 Rating: 6 Top picks: Temple in the Storm, Day By Day, In The Blink Of An Eye

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