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Silent Force Albums Ranked

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Created by: majormalfunction | 06.05.2022

1. Silent Force - Worlds Apart
2004 Rating: 8 Top picks: Merry Minstrel, Heart Attack, No One Lives Forever
2. Silent Force - Walk The Earth
2007 Rating: 8 Top picks: The Child Within, Blind Leading the Blind, Picture of a Shadow
3. The Sygnet - Children Of The Future
1998 Rating: 7 Top picks: Unload the Gun, Tears of Rage, Hero
4. Silent Force - Rising From Ashes
2013 Rating: 7 Top picks: Caught in their Wicked Game, Before You Run, Living to Die
5. Silent Force - Infatuator
2001 Rating: 7 Top picks: Fall into Oblivion, Gladiator, The Last Time
6. Silent Force - The Empire Of Future
2000 Rating: 6 Top picks: Broken Wings, Tell Me Why

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