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Best Albums Of 2023

"Very good" or above. The top 20 are the best of the year. Everything else ranges from 8 to 9.5 on a "10" scale.

1.Afterbirth - In But Not Of
2.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
3.Godthrymm - Distortions
4.Fvnerals - Let The Earth Be Silent
5.Notturno - Inside

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Created by thebenfo on 01.05.2024

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MSA 2023 All Write-ins

Not totally clean, and I had to cut some categories to stay in the 1000 lines limit.

2.Avatar - Dance Devil Dance
3.Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But A Dream...
4.Code Orange - The Above
5.Death Dealer Union - Initiation

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Created by Maxder on 01.03.2024

To Listen To

Albums on the list to listen to

1.Essence Of Datum - Radikal Rats
2.The Zenith Passage - Datalysium
3.Witch Ripper - The Flight After The Fall
4.Redemption - I Am The Storm
5.Warcrab - The Howling Silence

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Created by CrusaderKing on 05.02.2024

2023 Interesting Picks

Pretty average year, with really spare releases for me.

Plus since Epic Games, before won against Google on trail, has sold Bandcamp (wich was bought only to disturb Google during thier trail) to Songtradr (a music licensing platform), wich has cut off half of the stuff just after acquisition, so i feel bad for artists and workers. Pretty sad times for indie music...

1.Blaze Of Sorrow - Vultus Fati
2.Shores Of Null - The Loss Of Beauty
3.Overkill - Scorched
4.Kalmah - Kalmah
5.Burden Of Grief - Destination Dystopia

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Created by Rot Teufel on 01.01.2024

dish_dude Top 50 Albums Of 2023

1.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us
2.Oak - Disintegrate
3.Sermon - Of Golden Verse
4.Bizarrekult - Den Tapte Krigen
5.Soen - Memorial

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Created by dish_dude on 26.12.2023

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My Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2023

1.Shylmagoghnar - Convergence
2.Sacred Outcry - Towers Of Gold
3.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us
4.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
5.Moonlight Sorcery - Horned Lord Of The Thorned Castle

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Created by PapiIguana on 15.12.2023

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Journey Through 2023

This is my list of newly released Albums that I listened/will listen to in 2023.
The records are presented in order of release date and I will rate them when I´m certain that I formed an opinion on them, though the ratings might change from time to time.
I hope this list might once again be inspiring to other users maybe some people will find some new music to listen to.

1.Ὁπλίτης - Ψ ε υ δ ο μ έ ν η
2.Rye - В с ё
3.Esoctrilihum - Funeral
4.Great Cold Emptiness - Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph
5.Walg - III

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Created by pandrstudios on 28.06.2023

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Oldy's 2023 Albums Ranked

1.Sulphur Aeon - Seven Crowns And Seven Seals
2.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
3.Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium
4.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us
5.Wayfarer - American Gothic

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Created by Oldy86 on 19.06.2023

My Personal Top 2023 Albums

1.Insomnium - Anno 1696
2.Atavistia - Cosmic Warfare
3.Night Crowned - Tales
4.Marianas Rest - Auer
5.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us

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Created by GGFH on 09.05.2023

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My Fav Albums and Eps Of 2023

1.Hanging Garden - The Garden
2.Katatonia - Sky Void Of Stars
3.Obituary - Dying Of Everything
4.Runemagick - Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind
5.Dødheimsgard - Black Medium Current

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Created by Khold Baroness on 25.04.2023

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My very subjective ranking of all heard metal and metal-adjacent albums 2023.

1.Fleshvessel - Yearning: Promethean Fates Sealed
2.Liturgy - 93696
3.Dead Times - Dead Times
4.Vvon Dogma I - The Kvlt Of Glitch
5.Agriculture - Agriculture

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Created by Jacob Butcher on 15.04.2023

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Best Of March 2023

Iron grip of winter tock over March ....sprig is 2 months ahead...

1.Fatal Embrace - Manifestum Infernalis
2.Frozen Crown - Call Of The North
3.Black Hawk - Soulkeeper
4.Acid King - Beyond Vision
5.Hanging Garden - The Garden

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Created by Bad English on 03.04.2023

March 2023 Top 10

Based on first impressions - re-listens often make me change my mind.

1.Haavard - Haavard
2.Hanging Garden - The Garden
3.Shores Of Null - The Loss Of Beauty
4.Ocean Of Grief - Pale Existence
5.Mors Subita - Blackout

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Created by Saradoth on 22.03.2023

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2023 March

1.Redemption - I Am The Storm
2.Suotana - Ounas I
3.Dissentient - Labyrinth
4.Contrarian - Sage Of Shekhinah
5.Hanging Garden - The Garden

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Created by DarkWingedSoul on 05.03.2023

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2023 Albums Ranking

1.Ne Obliviscaris - Exul
2.Alkaloid - Numen
3.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
4.Sulphur Aeon - Seven Crowns And Seven Seals
5.Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium

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Created by RockwiththeDoc on 01.03.2023