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My Top 50 Albums Of 2023

1.Dødheimsgard - Black Medium Current
2.Kauan - ATM Revised
3.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
4.Moonlight Sorcery - Horned Lord Of The Thorned Castle
5.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us

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Created by JHK on 01.01.2024

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Blackcrowe’s Picks on 2023 🐦‍⬛

My Personal Favorites From 2023

1.Asinhell - Impii Hora
2.Graveripper - Seasons Dreaming Death
3.Overkill - Scorched
4.Varathron - The Crimson Temple
5.Metal Church - Congregation Of Annihilation

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Created by Blackcrowe on 24.12.2023

Fruits Of 2023

1.Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden
2.Einar Solberg - 16
3.The Ocean - Holocene
4.Sermon - Of Golden Verse
5.Haken - Fauna

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Created by embracing on 21.12.2023

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My Personal Top Metal Albums Of 2023

1.Shylmagoghnar - Convergence
2.Sacred Outcry - Towers Of Gold
3.Fires In The Distance - Air Not Meant For Us
4.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
5.Moonlight Sorcery - Horned Lord Of The Thorned Castle

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Created by PapiIguana on 15.12.2023

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Favorite Albums From 2023

Albums i've listened to multiple times that were released this year. Ranking will be made at the end of the year.

1.Baroness - Stone
2.Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex
3.Riverside - ID.Entity
4.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite
5.Enslaved - Heimdal

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Created by em6568 on 29.08.2023

Top 23 Of '23

1.Voyager - Fearless In Love
2.Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden
3.TesseracT - War Of Being
4.Haken - Fauna
5.Periphery - Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre

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Created by andreosokin on 27.08.2023

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2023: Jul-Dec

I reckon 735 albums in the first 6 months of this year is a 6-month record I will never match, but let's see how many I get through in Q3 and Q4

1.Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree - Aion
2.Meridian Sun - The Curse
3.The Gorge - Mechanical Fiction
4.Earthside - Let The Truth Speak
5.Wayfarer - American Gothic

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Created by musclassia on 04.07.2023

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Journey Through 2023

This is my list of newly released Albums that I listened/will listen to in 2023.
The records are presented in order of release date and I will rate them when I´m certain that I formed an opinion on them, though the ratings might change from time to time.
I hope this list might once again be inspiring to other users maybe some people will find some new music to listen to.

1.Ὁπλίτης - Ψ ε υ δ ο μ έ ν η
2.Rye - В с ё
3.Esoctrilihum - Funeral
4.Great Cold Emptiness - Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph
5.Walg - III

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Created by pandrstudios on 28.06.2023

Favorites Of 2023

1.Riverside - ID.Entity
2.Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex
3.Baroness - Stone
4.Haken - Fauna
5.Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite

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Created by Ryanm123 on 02.05.2023

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My Fav Albums and Eps Of 2023

1.Hanging Garden - The Garden
2.Katatonia - Sky Void Of Stars
3.Obituary - Dying Of Everything
4.Runemagick - Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind
5.Dødheimsgard - Black Medium Current

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Created by Khold Baroness on 25.04.2023

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2023: A Year In Review

My top to bottom list of everything from 2022 I've spent time with and have also purchased either physically or digitally (which is why most of them have high ratings). Releases featured on MS only. Whole number ratings out of 10 and my personal opinions included.

UPDATE: I am no longer updating this list. Unsure if a 2024 list will happen at this time...

1.Ne Obliviscaris - Exul
2.Thy Catafalque - Alföld
3.Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp
4.Sermon - Of Golden Verse
5.Nightmarer - Deformity Adrift

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Created by ProgVet on 11.04.2023

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2023 Of The Pangolin

1.Ne Obliviscaris - Exul
2.Hypno5e - Sheol
3.Sworn - A Journey Told Through Fire
4.Sermon - Of Golden Verse
5.Hellripper - Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags

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Created by Space Pangolin on 26.02.2023

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1.Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But A Dream...
2.Metallica - 72 Seasons
3.Voice Of Baceprot - Retas
4.Nospūn - Opus
5.Dominum - Hey Living People

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Created by Byners on 02.02.2023

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Best 2023

1.Riverside - ID.Entity
2.Katatonia - Sky Void Of Stars
3.Obituary - Dying Of Everything
4.Uriah Heep - Chaos & Colour
5.In Flames - Foregone

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Created by Depth land on 27.01.2023

Favourite Albums of 2023

2023 Playlist

1.Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden
2.On Thorns I Lay - On Thorns I Lay
3.Rye - В с ё
4.Enslaved - Heimdal
5.Insomnium - Anno 1696

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Created by IllusiveCamel🐪 on 21.01.2023