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Boško "RNA" Radišić


2004-2009 Space Eater - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: RNA, Bosko Radisic
Born on: 18.12.1980
Died on: 02.06.2009

Bo-ko Radi-ić was a Serbian vocalist, journalist and songwriter. He was the principal figure of the Serbian thrash metal scene, mostly known as the front man and vocalist in the thrash metal band Space Eater.
Radi-ić played in the band called After Life. He formed Space Eater in late 2003 with Stanislav -ar-anski, influenced by Bay Area thrash metal. With Space Eater, Radi-ić released two demos: "Live at Studio 6" (2005) and "Bombs Away!" (2006), and a full length album, Merciful Angel in August 2007. Radi-ić provided vocals and wrote lyrics for the band. He performed with Space Eater at events such as "Zaječarska Gitarijada" in 2005 and 2006, as well as the Exit festival in Novi Sad in 2007. He was scheduled to play with the German thrash metal band, Destruction in May 2009. (but Destruction bailed out, and it turned out as a gig with local bands), and Sodom in Belgrade in September 2009 (but the show was canceled).
Radi-ić also worked as a journalist for Rock Express magazine, and was an editor of The Vault magazine, through which he actively promoted the Serbian metal scene worldwide. On 3 June 2009, Radi-ić and his sister Marija died in a fire in their building, suffocating from the fumes.
Radi-ić will be remembered as a relentless fighter for the Serbian metal scene, a talented and charismatic artist, and an expert in metal music.