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Top 10 Of 1981

1. Accept - Breaker
2. Rush - Moving Pictures
3. Blue Öyster Cult - Fire Of Unknown Origin
4. Saxon - Denim And Leather
5. Iron Maiden - Killers

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Created by Alex Avagianos on 18.05.2022

Saxon Ranked 🗡

One of the greatest band of the NWOBHM… Rock N Roll,Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal… Saxon Rocki’n since the end of the 70’s until now more power and heavy than ever

1. Saxon - Wheels Of Steel
2. Saxon - Power And The Glory
3. Saxon - Lionheart
4. Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law
5. Saxon - Denim And Leather

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Created by Blackcrowe on 21.12.2021

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Top 11 Favourite Metal Albums Of 1981

Plus my top three favourite tracks from each release. \m/

Non-Metal mentions:
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Juju (Goth)
The Exploited - Punk's Not Dead (Punk)
Black Flag - Damaged (Punk)

1. Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
2. Iron Maiden - Killers
3. Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman
4. Venom - Welcome To Hell
5. Accept - Breaker

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Created by blackwreath13 on 28.06.2021

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Top Favourite Heavy Metal Albums

1. Judas Priest - Painkiller
2. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
3. Iron Maiden - Powerslave
4. Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith
5. Motörhead - Inferno

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Created by blackwreath13 on 06.03.2021

Saxon Albums Ranked

One of the real classic heavy metal bands, that has stood strong in 40 years. Their discography is a bit uneven at times but most of the stuff is solid and worth listening to. Real fun project to listen to them all, perfect soundtrack when you are pumping iron.

Take it easy take it slow, don't go fast don't let go

1. Saxon - Lionheart
2. Saxon - Killing Ground
3. Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law
4. Saxon - Solid Ball Of Rock
5. Saxon - The Inner Sanctum

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Created by majormalfunction on 11.08.2020

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One-Hit Albums

A (most probably incomplete) list of albums on which I really enjoy only a single song (in alphabetical order, excluding one-track albums).
They turn out to be albums that I rate a 6 or 7 overall -- with few exceptions.
The songs mentioned though are all-time favourites, which I would rate at 9 or 10.
I only listed albums on which I found exaclty one such song.

1. Agalloch - Pale folklore
2. Amorphis - Far from the sun
3. Annihilator - Set the world on fire
4. Asphyx - The rack
5. Bathory - Blood fire death

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Created by Redel on 09.01.2020

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December = Heavy Metal
Listening to as many albums as possible in said genre during said month and listing them here as I go. Suggestions welcome.

1. Anvil - Metal On Metal
2. Mercyful Fate - Melissa
3. Raven - Rock Until You Drop
4. Tygers Of Pan Tang - Spellbound
5. Angel Witch - Angel Witch

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Created by Daddy Pig on 01.12.2019

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M0rkeleb's Overall Favorites

Simple ranking of all my favorite albums. Favorite song from the album in the notes. Sure to change/expand as I learn and explore more within metal.

1. Madder Mortem - Eight Ways
2. Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
3. Ayreon - 01011001
4. Ulcerate - The Destroyers Of All
5. Metallica - Ride The Lightning

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Created by M0rkeleb on 16.10.2015

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Guib's Essentials (Alphabetical Order)

Well, this is a very simple list and something you've probably seen a lot of other MS users do in the past. Basically, I'm just going to list the albums I wouldn't live without, my all time gems. There's no particular ''Genre'' that I'll be covering and I will also try to limit myself to one album per band and up to 3 favorite tracks (even though all the albums there have no bad tracks IMO, of course some exceptions may apply). Of course this is just an ''opinion'' list, meaning that I'm not saying these albums are all masterpieces or whatnot, it's just my personal favorites. I hope you'll agree with me and if not well, doesn't matter... Oh Also I'm only adding MS featured albums.

1. Absu - The Third Storm Of Cythrául
2. AC/DC - High Voltage
3. Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight
4. Alien Weaponry - Tū
5. Amon Amarth - Fate Of Norns

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Created by Guib on 02.05.2015

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Old-school Metal: The Must-haves

The must-have albums of old school heavy metal. Includes genres like Traditional, NWOBHM, U.S.P.M., Speed, Epic, Doom, and prog.

1. Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
2. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
3. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
4. Crimson Glory - Transcendence
5. Angel Witch - Angel Witch

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Created by Jagermeister on 07.03.2015

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Top Metal Albums Of 1981

My opinion on the best metal albums of 1981 (only metal so there's no Rush or King Crimson even if I love it)

1. Iron Maiden - Killers
2. Def Leppard - High 'N' Dry
3. Riot - Fire Down Under
4. Venom - Welcome To Hell
5. Black Sabbath - Mob Rules

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Created by Floflo79 on 06.08.2014


1. Rush - Moving Pictures
2. Accept - Breaker
3. Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman
4. Praying Mantis - Time Tells No Lies
5. Black Sabbath - Mob Rules

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Created by achil on 15.04.2014

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Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Of The 80's

The best decade in history of heavy metal.

1. Judas Priest - Painkiller
2. Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time
3. Accept - Breaker
4. Metallica - Ride The Lightning
5. Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I

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Created by Mrtvozornik on 19.02.2014

TOP 10 ALBUMS 1981

1. Y&T- earthshaker
2. Accept - Breaker
3. Iron Maiden - Killers
4. Raven - Rock Until You Drop
5. Tygers Of Pan Tang - Spellbound

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Created by rivendel on 26.11.2013

Top 15 Heavy Metal Albums Of 1981

1. Accept - Breaker
2. Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
3. Demon - Night Of The Demon
4. Riot - Fire Down Under
5. Tygers Of Pan Tang - Spellbound

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Created by Mrtvozornik on 18.10.2013