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Progressive Spiritual Euphoria / Best prog Albums Ever .

So here we are again . After many years of dedication and love to this music that we call progressive metal, here are some of the best albums that ever existed and made the earth a better place . Give to these albums the attention and the respect they deserve and you will be fully awarded. I think i will try and limit this list to 3 cd's maximum per band to make this thing more challenging .

1.Dan Swanö - Moontower
2.Cynic - Traced In Air
3.Cynic - Focus
4.Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
5.Enslaved - Ruun

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Created by Hazelnut Nero on 20.09.2014

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2013 --/-/-/-- Architects Of The Modern Age .

1.Persefone - Spiritual Migration
2.Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)
3.Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle
4.Leprous - Coal
5.The Ocean - Pelagial

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Created by Hazelnut Nero on 29.06.2014

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Favourite Album's Of 2013

My favourite albums of 2013. (In order of preference, and only including albums I would rate 7+).

1.Deafheaven - Sunbather
2.Protest The Hero - Volition
3.TesseracT - Altered State
4.Ovid's Withering - Scryers Of The Ibis
5.Means End - The Didact

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Created by Moose on 01.11.2013

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२०१३ - Ex Mea Sententia

All Studio releases including Full lengths, EPs, Collaborations and Splits.

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1.Intronaut - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)
2.Gris - À L'Âme Enflammée, L'Äme Constellée...
3.Shade Empire - Omega Arcane
4.Obliteration - Black Death Horizon
5.Dream Death - Somnium Excessum

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Created by 3rdWorld on 08.09.2013

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2013 List (continued)

Because I can't stop listening to music, but neither can I sacrifice my lovely descriptions, so same fare as before, but deleted descriptions for those covered in the first list.

1.Protest The Hero - Volition
2.Persefone - Spiritual Migration
3.Amorphis - Circle
4.Nero Di Marte - Nero Di Marte
5.Monolithe - Monolithe IV

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Created by musclassia on 09.06.2013

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Hadriel's Favorites Of 2013

1.Deafheaven - Sunbather
2.Protest The Hero - Volition
3.Omnium Gatherum - Beyond
4.The Ocean - Pelagial
5.Haken - The Mountain

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Created by hadriel on 08.06.2013

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A Reminder Of 2013's Albums

Albums from 2013 worth being considered for a replay, I'm already having trouble remembering some of them. I'll TRY to order them from the one I liked most to the least.
I'm taking a passive stand to this year's music since I'm dedicating myself to old records currently, so probably 3/4 of the stuff I checked out came to me from this site one way or another

1.Cult Of Luna - Vertikal
2.Corrections House - Last City Zero
3.Dreadnought - Lifewoven
4.Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything
5.Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother

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Created by Unhealer on 28.05.2013

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Gems From 2013, Now with Pad Thai!

Track of the year: Prayer for Ascetic Misery- Ævangelist
Runners-up: Dyodyo Asema- Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel / Hereditaria- Lords of Bukkake /In Silence - The Prophecy/ Overcome- Hacride/ Atlas Stone- Haken/ s1- Blindead
Great Lists to check out: R'Vannith, MechanisT, musclassia, teaster, Alex Fenger, !J.O.O.E.!, Nefarious, coolingsrock, 3rdWorld, any list by mz, Moose, etc.

1.Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra
2.Cult Of Occult - Hic Est Domus Diaboli
3.Lords of Bukkake - Desagravio
4.Eloa Vadaath - Dead End Proclama
5.Haken - The Mountain

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Created by Diverge on 29.03.2013

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Best Of 2013

I rate albums with rating not less than 8

1.Fell Voices - Regnum Saturni
2.Deafheaven - Sunbather
3.Narjahanam - Wa Ma Khufiya Kana A'atham
4.Year Of No Light - Tocsin
5.An Autumn For Crippled Children - Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love

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Created by PēterisP on 20.02.2013

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My Top Albums Of 2013

1.Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)
2.Monolithe - Monolithe IV
3.Nails - Abandon All Life
4.Totem Skin - Still Waters Run Deep
5.Ataraxie - L'Être Et La Nausée

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Created by Red_Travis on 01.01.2013