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Machine Head - The Blackening

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Release date: 27 March 2007
Style: Groove thrash metal, Progressive thrash metal


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Disc I
01. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
02. Beautiful Mourning
03. Aesthetics Of Hate
04. Now I Lay Thee Down
05. Slanderous
06. Halo
07. Wolves
08. A Farewell To Arms
09. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover] [bonus]
10. Battery [Metallica cover] [bonus]

Disc II [Special Edition Bonus CD - B-Sides/Rarities 1994-2008]
01. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover]
02. Alan's On Fire [Poison Idea cover]
03. Negative Creep [Nirvana cover]
04. Seasons Wither
05. My Misery
06. House Of Suffering [Bad Brains cover]
07. The Possibility Of Life's Destruction [Discharge cover]
08. Ten Ton Hammer (Extended Original Mix)
09. Hole In The Sky [Black Sabbath cover]
10. Colors [Ice-T cover]
11. Hard Times [Cro-Mags cover] [live]
12. Halo (I Want Your Soul) [demo 2005 version]
13. Aesthetics Of Hate (Thrash-terpiece) [demo 2005 version]

Disc III [Special Edition DVD]
01. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent [Live With Full Force 2008]
02. Now I Lay Thee Down [Live With Full Force 2008]
03. Halo [Live With Full Force 2008]
04. Aesthetics Of Hate [Live Rock In Rio 2008]
05. Davidian [Live Rock In Rio 2008]
06. Imperium [Live Download 2007]
07. Old [Live Download 2007]
08. A Thousand Lies [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
09. The Rage To Overcome [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
10. Death Church [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
11. Blood For Blood [Live Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004]
+ Halo [video]
+ Now I Lay Thee Down [video]
+ Aesthetics Of Hate [video]
+ Making Of Feature For Each Video

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Guest review by
Who said Thrash was on its way out? From the first listen, the first riff of 'Clenching The Fists Of Dissent', you could tell that this was not so. Since Machine Head's début, 'Burn My Eyes' in 1994, they have done what they do best. Playing top-notch Thrash Metal. And their latest effort 'The Blackening' is definitely their best release so far.

published 27.11.2007 | Comments (43)

Guest review by
I absolutely hate hearing people say that whenever they hear an awesome album, they think it's the greatest thing ever to come since sliced bread, and the fact the people consider something perfect is complete crap. This is what bothers me the most about Machine Head and The Blackening: it may very well be the greatest thrash album ever created in this generation (meaning the 2000s only of course).

published 12.11.2010 | Comments (10)

Guest review by
Finally... Machine Head released an album in 2007 after four years of absence. Although not one of the biggest metal bands of the last 20 years (at that time), The Blackening was one of the most expected albums by all the fans or non-fans of the band. In my opinion, most of the fans wanted to see the direction the band was going to take. Machine Head had different styles through the years since their formation. In the entire album, one thing I have to say and honor is the outstanding performance of the band but mainly by Rob Flynn, finally he got a grip on his life, learned how to play guitar really well (before he almost never made a solo, in this album he makes solos in most of the songs), changed his life and that reflects in the entire album and his performance.

published 02.12.2011 | Comments (3)

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16.06.2021 - 01:48
Rating: 10
Modern classic. Best album of the 00's.
27.06.2021 - 12:32
Rating: 8
Modern and faster version of pantera.
15.12.2021 - 12:04
Rating: 8
A Nice Guy
Very good stuff, but some songs (imo) should of been shortened, it's way too damn long! For me it had moments where it sounded like they were thrashing just for the sake of thrashing, and outros that went on forever, but overall it's a very impressive display of riffs, and the pace and heaviness was spot on, but I still prefer Pantera over these.
05.11.2022 - 17:33
Rating: 8
8.8 with more than 1k votes which is something great and i also wanted to give an 8.5 especially for the great groovy riffs but not for the vocals. 9 is too high for this album.
In the beginning I was made of clay. Then I bit the apple and they changed me to metal 🤘
24.02.2024 - 03:20
Rating: 8
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Re-listened to this in full today. You can really hear the Pantera influence. Nice production, great guitar work. Flynn’s lyrics have apparently always been pretty bad.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum


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