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Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet

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Release date: 25 February 2005
Style: Viking folk metal


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01. Karhunkynsi
02. Haaska
03. Pimeä
04. Jotunheim
05. Kaiku

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Additional info
Spikefarm released a European edition of where the entire jewel case is black (non-transparent) and the front has a golden Moonsorrow logo printed on the plastic. The track list is printed on a sticker on the back side of the jewel case.

The album title means ''Bloodverses'', and the track titles:
1. ''Bearclaw''
2. ''Carrion''
3. ''Dark''
4. ''Jotunheim''
5. ''Echo''

Recorded in Tico Tico Studio in September 2004 and partly in The Stable.
Overproduced by Moonsorrow.
Mixed by Ahti Kortelainen and Henri Sorvali.
Mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

Cover art and layout by Tero Salonen. Photograph of the cross by Hunaja-Pasi Moilanen. Band photo by Tanja Ahtila.

Staff review by
Moonsorrow is back with their fourth full-length album, the chances that you don't know this band are very rare, because these Finns have obtained quite a share of popularity in the past years with their Blackish Viking/Folk Metal. This time things are a little different, while they still hang out in the Viking genre and they still sing in Finnish, the approach of the music is more Dark, and at the same time, Progressive and mostly of all, Epic.

published 17.02.2005 | Comments (16)

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28.02.2010 - 18:48
Rating: 10

An extremely great and magnificent album full of raw blackness and touching beauty. Probably the best album of the band.
28.02.2010 - 22:08
Heaven Knight
For me those songs are quite long for me to enjoy them (though in general i like long songs)...maybe i need more and more careful listenings...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

01.03.2010 - 12:11
Rating: 10

In my opinion the main idea of the album is expressly to listen to it very carefully so that the listener could enjoy it as much as possible. Because the atmospheres of the album are quite "deep" and "large" it takes more than few listenings to get into it. Patience is the key word.
31.08.2011 - 12:40
Night Sight

I am not a fan of folk metal at all.but this release has some black metal some enslaved stuffs and also it is very atmospheric.haaska is one of the best songs.
Alone in birth
Alone in the darkness
Alone in death
Alone in the daylight
07.11.2012 - 23:18
Rating: 10

This is still their best album to me!

Thanks to Corrupt for these banners!
08.11.2013 - 18:39
Rating: 9

My favorite Moonsorrow album.
07.02.2014 - 15:03
Rating: 10

Best Moonsorrow album for me...
12.12.2014 - 21:18
"The Quaker"
For me it's the Moonsorrow album that's hardest to rate. Stylistically it's closer to their latest, but reflects more depth than the rest of the albums and it really takes time for all details to sink in. Astonishing work nevertheless.
11.11.2019 - 18:52
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Its good most folkish black metal album from this band, it has BM atomsfere, BM vocals, but melodies are mixed whit folk metal elements. Its enjoyable thing.
I stand whit Ukraine and Israel. They have right to defend own citizens.

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
02.04.2020 - 20:46
Rating: 7

Written by Guest on 02.04.2020 at 18:49

An absolutely beautiful, grandiose, raw work of art! This is my all-time favourite album, fantastic and epic in every sense. The depth and scale of Verisäkeet is groundbreaking, from the ambient sounds of nature and soaring riffs to the folk melodies and Ville's soul-shattering screams! So much to love, to discover, to savour on this album.

It has Jotunheim, which is among the band's all-time bast work.
Other than that, not quite at par, imo.
I prefer the album's two predecessors to this one.
02.04.2020 - 23:20
Rating: 7

Written by Guest on 02.04.2020 at 22:40

Jotunheim is incredible! And yeah, the two preceding albums are also excellent for sure Which would be your favourite album?

Voimasta ja Kunniasta is my favourite, followed by Kivenkantaja. Then follow Suden Uni and Verisäkeet.
But the differences between them all in terms of quality are not huge, I find them all good or very good (7.2-8.0).
26.11.2020 - 01:22
Rating: 10

Incredible didn't expect it to be this good.
21.03.2022 - 18:08
Rating: 9

Listening to 'Jotunheim' after playing the end of God of War is an epic experience!

9.3/10 for me - 'Karhunkynsi' and 'Jotunheim' are the standout tracks, 'Pimeä' is weaker than the rest.
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14.04.2022 - 23:19

My favorite from Moonsorrow, the fantastic album.
09.06.2022 - 14:21
Rating: 10

This is probably the album I find most interesting in the evolution of Moonsorrow. It's a transition album from their old folky ways to the darker atmospheric themes which later became the main focus, but that means we get tons of both at their best. Verisäkeet is superb.

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