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Yann - Instrumental Master

Release date: 2009
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Radio's On
02. The Last Train
03. How Long
04. Between Heaven & Hell
05. Hurricane Symphony
06. Eternal Rain
07. 14th February
08. Virtual Shadow
09. Wild Tiger
10. Life Goes On
11. Rocking Standin'
12. Crossroads

Additional info
Instrumental Metal
Label: Brennus Music
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France: 2009
Length: 46:04

Line-Up on the CD:
All instruments: Yann Charvel

Staff review by
I don't really know where some people live, I don't know if they're on the same planet than us or if they're not just dreaming and don't care about other bands, musicians, metal fans. This is obviously the case of Yann, a French guitarist who chose to release his album on the French label Brennus Music. Just have a look at the name (and its cover) of the so called Instrumental Master and you'll understand what you could expect? Instrumental guitars and? nothing else?

published 18.04.2010 | Comments (0)

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