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Yann - Instrumental Master review

Band: Yann
Album: Instrumental Master
Release date: 2009

01. Radio's On
02. The Last Train
03. How Long
04. Between Heaven & Hell
05. Hurricane Symphony
06. Eternal Rain
07. 14th February
08. Virtual Shadow
09. Wild Tiger
10. Life Goes On
11. Rocking Standin'
12. Crossroads

I don't really know where some people live, I don't know if they're on the same planet than us or if they're not just dreaming and don't care about other bands, musicians, metal fans. This is obviously the case of Yann, a French guitarist who chose to release his album on the French label Brennus Music. Just have a look at the name (and its cover) of the so called Instrumental Master and you'll understand what you could expect? Instrumental guitars and? nothing else?

Are we still in the 80's? I tried to listen to this album several time but damn I just can't understand how some people have the wish to do something like that. The sad point of this story is that Yann is not a bad guitarist, and his guitars solo are not bad at all, really. But when it comes to the compositions this is just absolutely not serious! Just listen to the album two minutes and you'll have the feeling that you're still in the 80's listening to really average music. The comparison is maybe a bit easy (and not cool) but if you listen to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai's 80's releases you'll never have this feeling, the production and the songs were classy, Yann's ones are just kitsch to death? Sadly Instrumental Master is just not good, despite the good guitars solos, there is nothing else in this album and I just thing that nobody will care about this album. This is sad, our guys is a good guitarist and could be useful in a band, not alone!

The production is just terrible! Look at the cover, this is something which haven't been done for years! Ugly, unprofessional this is not serious damn! The recording is average the keyboards sound like the ones of some 80's kitsch pop songs, the drums are not badly programmed but the sound is too electronic too, this is a mess! And don't even tell me that it's a matter of money, sure anybody can't go in Sweden to record his album but even with your home-studio you can do something better. When you add that even the compositions are not fabulous, there is just nothing to add, it was a mistake to release Instrumental Master and Yann will have to wake up!

Good musicianship and nothing else? This is a perfect way to finish this review. I invite our guy to check what other bands use to do nowadays because it's great if you don't follow trends but it can be a good idea to check new productions too, just to know if you're on the good road or not. Instrumental Master is extremely disappointing, I don't understand how a good guitarist like that cannot be so out of time?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 4
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 18.04.2010

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