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Devin Townsend - Infinity

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Release date: 21 October 1998
Style: Industrial progressive metal


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01. Truth
02. Christeen
03. Bad Devil
04. War
05. Soul Driven
06. Ants
07. Colonial Boy
08. Dynamics
09. Unity
10. Noisy Pink Bubbles
11. Sister [Live acoustic version] [bonus]
12. Hide Nowhere [Live acoustic version] [bonus]
13. Man [1996 demo version] [bonus]

Featured In "Getting Into: Devin Townsend: Part I: The 1990s"

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Produced by Devin Garret Townsend.

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Let's put 1998 into perspective. Power metal was in its dying days and nu-metal was on the rise, Kid Rock / System Of A Down / Soulfly were all just releasing their debut albums, the underground metal kings were Iced Earth and Emperor, and Stuck Mojo was far more famous than they had any business being. It was a time period where the established bands of the '80s were still trying to push that sound into the future and a few new artists were coming in to tip over their apple carts, set them on fire, and dance around their smoldering remains. Then Devin Townsend came along and decided to stomp out those fires, pick up their charred remains, and layer them one over the other until people's brains couldn't even comprehend all of the noises at once. This is how Infinity was born.

published 02.09.2016 | Comments (1)

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16.07.2012 - 19:34
Rating: 8

I've had a lot of different opinions of this album in the past. At times I thought it to be Devin's worst musical output, yet at others I felt that it was just another example of his experimentation. Now I feel that, although its not quite his best, it should be considered as one of his more underrated works, especially by those who haven't listened to all of his records.
11.09.2014 - 07:16
Rating: 9

Being a huge fan of all of Devin's work, I only just recently got this album. It is an immense undertaking. The amount of styles and genres he blends in here along with his trademark "wall of sound" is just insane. Definitely one of his greatest works.
02.03.2015 - 11:38
Joe Zombie

This album is weird. Its lush. Unpredictable. Catchy. Let Devin's brilliance wash over you in the waves of sound that it is. I had to warm up to this one but once I did it became one of my favorites of his. Highlights: Bad Devil, War, Dynamics, Unity.
25.12.2019 - 00:35
Colonial Boy is the kind of song that just gets me.

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