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Death Angel - The Evil Divide

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Release date: 27 May 2016
Style: Bay Area thrash metal


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Disc I [CD]
01. The Moth
02. Cause For Alarm
03. Lost
04. Father Of Lies
05. Hell To Pay
06. It Can't Be This
07. Hatred United, United Hate
08. Breakaway
09. The Electric Cell
10. Let The Pieces Fall
11. Wasteland [bonus]

Disc II [DVD]
01. Making Of

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Too many people out there treat Death Angel as a "really good" thrash band; not enough regard this legend as a truly great thrash band. These guys must have a serious geis on releasing subpar albums.

published 20.05.2016 | Comments (10)

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28.05.2016 - 13:43
Rating: 7
meister J Steele
Pretty good straightforward thrash; it does beat new Overkill & new Slayer etc easily. When I'm listening to this album, besides "Lost", I miss the variety in songwriting like "Act III", "The Art of Dying" and "Relentless Retribution" had. Still, DA proves again that they're still relevant
My vision is augmented
31.05.2016 - 06:48
Rating: 6
Thrash Talker
Seems like I should probably listen to this... Time where are you.

Edit: Meh... it's ok. Hopefully Paradox's Pangea will be better.
- Headbanging with mostly clogged arteries to that stuff -
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- Also Thrash Paradise
Thrash Here
12.06.2016 - 06:30
Pvt Funderground
While this isn't as good as Flotsam And Jetsam's latest, this is a decent offering by this band. Also, it surely is better than the overrated Terminal Redux.
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
06.10.2016 - 08:32
Rating: 8
Cynic Metalhead
Paisa Vich Nasha
Great album.

It rips everything what Death Angel is good at it. Not up to the mark of "The Dream Calls For Blood", but still delivered in style and remain best in league with other counterparts.
16.12.2016 - 03:48
Rating: 8
SoUnDs LiKe PoP
I don't often find a thrash album that I like, but I really enjoy this one for some reason.
I lift weights and listen to metal
21.12.2016 - 11:33
Rating: 9
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
Best thrash album of 2016 for me. Just killer, from start to finish.
The sun shines over The Fool...
21.10.2018 - 16:36
Rating: 8
Great album. Non stop agression from start to finish but Breakaway is really the highlight for me

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