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Iron Savior - Titancraft

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Release date: 20 May 2016
Style: Power metal


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01. Under Siege (Intro)
02. Titancraft
03. Way Of The Blade
04. Seize The Day
05. Gunsmoke
06. Beyond The Horizon
07. The Sun Won't Rise In Hell
08. Strike Down The Tyranny
09. Brother In Arms
10. R&R Addiction [limited edition bonus]
11. I Surrender
12. Rebellious
13. Protector [2016 version] [limited edition bonus]

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Iron Savior return with their 9th studio album and very little has changed. I didn't go into Titancraft expecting anything dramatically different from Rise Of The Hero or The Landing. Everything down to the generic Felipe Machado Franco cover art remains pretty much the same. As is with the case with many German power metal bands, lack of originality can be overlooked in favour of uplifting and catchy anthems. This is something Iron Savior have excelled at for years and they continue that tradition.

published 13.10.2016 | Comments (1)

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23.05.2016 - 20:46
Rating: 6
After the first three tracks I was ready to turn off, I like Iron Savior a lot but they've reached a point where they just seem to make exactly the same songs over and over again. However after the first couple of tracks they deliver Gunsmoke which is a fully approved song with a good chorus. Too bad it went downhill after that again, not as generic and bland as the first tracks but still not worth hearing. The ending track Rebellious is a quite nice though.

EDIT: I'll leave me old comment (above) here as a memory when I gave it a 4. Today I can listen to the entire album and enjoy it, it's not a bad album at all, it's pretty good even if it's the same old Iron Savior (for better or for worse). My favourite song is Beyond The Horizon which has some great riffs in it.
Everything's twice as bright with money in your hands
15.06.2016 - 20:12
meister J Steele
Too typical modern IS album in both good and bad. Decent stuff, but there's still room left for more great songs.
My vision is augmented
14.10.2016 - 23:10
Rating: 6
Mountain King
K i K o
I was sure they would do the same songs all over again. I listened to 2 songs and it confirmed my low expectations. I'll check it out anyway...
08.02.2019 - 22:43
Rating: 7
04.02.2020 - 23:50
Rating: 6
Mountain King
K i K o
Titancraft is cool with a great solo however, the rest is average or below average. Seize The Day and Beyond The Horizon start in almost the same way, that says a lot about the band's creativity.
29.03.2020 - 13:26
Rating: 5
Again more of the same, so boring
how long will this band rehash the same formula?

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