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Country: USA
Label: Ván Records

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Formed in: 2017

2017- Melodic black metal
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2017-  Lord Dahthar - keyboards
2017-  Apokteino - guitars
2017-  Nebula Husk - bass
2017-2019  Otheyn Vermithrax - vocals, guitars, drums
› 2019-  -//- vocals, guitars, keyboards
2019-  Count Victor Wolfsblood - drums

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Here at Metal Storm headquarters, we like to relax in between all our arduous work as reviewers. Some of us drink, read, or play pool in the lounge room. Radu and I decided to play some D&D when suddenly BAM! All Stormkeep’s members smashed through the door.   Review by X-Ray Rod ››

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