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2019-  Daniel Gil [ MS user ] - guitars
2019-  María V. Riaño - bass
2020-  Pablo Egido - vocals
2020-  Paco Porcel - guitars
2020-  Dom Santoro - drums
2022-  Luis Albadalejo - guitars
2020-2021  Lisa Bause - violin
2020-2021  Sasha Agranov - cello

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According to Ikarie, “if Cuerpos En Sombra was about pain, Arde is about transformative rage.” This rage hasn’t particularly transformed the band or their musical approach from how they sounded the last time we checked in with them, but when one has already landed upon a winning formula, simple refinement more than suffices.
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Something that fills us with pride and happiness here at Metal Storm is when bands that we unearth and reveal to the world start to really grow and show the potential that we first saw in them. One of this man’s latest discoveries is Ikarie, whose debut EP was featured in one of our most successful (as proven by the amount of your votes) issues of Clandestine Cuts. This EP is no longer available simply because it has grown to become a debut full-length, available since September 24th, via Avantgarde Music.
Review by nikarg ››

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