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Dark Lunacy


1997-  Mike Lunacy - vocals
2010-  Alessandro "Alex" Vagnoni - drums
2010-  Daniele "Dan" Galassi - guitars
2012-  Jacopo Rossi - bass
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1997-2006  Luigi "Bajikal" Berti - drums
1997-2006  Imer - bass
1997-2009  Simone "Enomys" Ferrari - guitars, piano
2006-2007  Mathias - drums
2006-2007  Marianna "Mary Ann" Alfieri - bass, guitars
› 2007-2009  -//- guitars
2009-2010  Simone Cirani - guitars
2010-2012  Andy Marchini - bass
2010-2013  Claudio "Clode" Cinquegrana - guitars
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2006  Amelia - vocals

Latest reviews

A powerful record label can ram the worst boring album down your throat for months while extraordinaire bands are flying under the radar of both professionals and fans alike. Dark Lunacy’s career is a perfect illustration of that. I am not even...
Review by Dream Taster ››
I've been waiting for this release a long time now, as a matter of fact this ranked number 1 in my top ten "most anticipated albums of the year", that's because Dark Lunacy's previous effort "Devoid" took me by complete...
Review by Undercraft ››
Nowadays , in the metal scene, hearing elements such as violins, choirs and females voices, are very usual in many gothic bands (and some black metal bands), but, what will you think of a band that uses this "Gothic" elements combined with death...
Review by Undercraft ››

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