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Country: Sweden
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Formed in: 2000
Disbanded in: 2005

2000-2005Gothenburg metal


2000-2005  Ronnie Backlund - guitars
2004-2005  Gunnar Hammar - guitars
2004-2005  Ronnie Bergerståhl - bass
2005  Niklas Henning Sandin - bass
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2000-2003  Mikael Andersson - bass
2000-2004  Kari Kainulainen - guitars
2000-2004  Johanna DePierre - vocals
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2002  Ronnie Bergerståhl - bass

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Amaran is a young melodic Heavy/Death band from Sweden. The particularity of this excellent combo is to have a female singer Johanna DePierre but without symphonic voices a la Floor Jansen or Death voices a la Angela Gossow, just a classic but such nice...
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