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Tuatha De Danann


1995-2010  Bruno Leite Russi Maia - bodhrán, flutes, guitars, mandolin, whistles, vocals
› 2013-  -//-
1999-  Giovani Gomes - bass, harsh vocals
2000-  Rodrigo Abreu - drums, percussion
2003-2004  Edgard Britto - keyboards
› 2013-  -//-
2014-  Alex Navar - irish bagpipies
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1995-1999  Rogério Vilela - bass
1995-1999  Marcos Ulisses Guimaraes - vocals
1995-2000  Felipe Batiston - keyboards
1995-2000  Wilson Eduardo Melkor - drums
1995-2017  Rodrigo Berne - guitars, vocals
2000-2002  Leonardo Godtfriedt - keyboards, violin
2002-2003  Rafael Castro - keyboards, piano
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2009-2012  Roger Vaz - violin
2014  Alex Navar - irish bagpipies
2001  Thiago Oliveira - guitar solo
2001  Thiago Bianchi - additional vocals
2015  Martin Walkyier - vocals
› 2019  -//-
2019  Fernanda Lira - vocals
2019-2020  Daisa Munhoz - vocals
2020  Keith Fay - vocals

Latest reviews

Tuatha De Danann comes from Brazil and plays a nice Celtic Folk Metal and? that's a bit weird isn't it? Well at least that's original, but it doesn't mean that it will be bad, at the opposite and actually Tuatha De Danann proves album...
Review by Jeff ››
So I have in my hands the third release of Brazilians Tuatha De Danann. In case you don's know them, they are mainly a power metal band with celtic influences and both clear and death voices, Or most commonly know as Folk Metal.

This Mcd follows...
Review by Undercraft ››
The first Full-length album of these Brazilian took me by complete surprise the first time I listened, I was already a fan of the band because their Demo ?99 was great, It had a poor production, but still was very creative and innovative.

For those clueless...
Review by Undercraft ››


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