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Heaven And Hell

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Also known as Heaven & Hell

Country: USA
Links: MySpace

Formed in: 2006
Disbanded in: 2010

2006-2010 Heavy metal


2006-2010  Ronnie James Dio - vocals
2006-2010  Tony Iommi - guitars
2006-2010  Geezer Butler - bass
2006-2010  Vincent "Vinny" Appice - drums
2007-2010  Scott Warren - keyboards
2010  Glenn Hughes - vocals
2010  Jørn Lande - vocals

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It was inevitable - after the passing of Ronnie James Dio, an onslaught of Dio-related releases were to ensue. Luckily, not all of them were silly re-releases and compilation rehashes. What we have here is a brand new live album. Granted, they just released...   Review by Doc G. ››

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