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Jørn Lande


1997-1998 Mundanus Imperium - vocals  
1998-2002 Ark - vocals  
2000- Jorn - vocals  
2000 Millenium - vocals  
2001-2006 Masterplan - vocals  
2005- Allen/Lande - vocals  
2009-2012 Masterplan - vocals  
2014-2016 Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - vocals  

Studio musician

2001 Beyond Twilight - vocals  

Live musician

2000-2001 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
2008 Avantasia - vocals  
2010 Heaven And Hell - vocals  
2010-2011 Avantasia - vocals  
2016 Avantasia - vocals  

Guest musician

2007 Ken Hensley - vocals  
2007 Genius: A Rock Opera - vocals, backing vocals  
2007-2010 Avantasia - vocals  
2008 Ayreon - vocals  
2011 Pushking - vocals  
2011 Trillium - vocals  
2014 Pentakill - vocals  
2015 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - vocals  
2016 Oceans Of Time - vocals  
2016 Avantasia - vocals  
2017 Pentakill - vocals  
2019-2022 Avantasia - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Jorn Lande
Born on: 31.05.1968

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Jørn Lande is a Norwegian heavy metal and hard rock singer. He is known for his powerful, melodic voice, wide vocal range, and for not only putting out album after album from numerous side-projects and bands and as an ocassional guest musician, but also for his largely successful solo career.

Jørn Lande has performed with bands such as Vagabond (with Ronni Le Tekrø from TNT), Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, Beyond Twilight, Mundanus Imperium, Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus, Millennium, Ken Hensley and The Snakes as well as his own self-titled solo effort. He also sang lead vocals on the Norwegian national football team's song for the 1994 World Cup, "Alt for Norge" (All for Norway).

More recently, Jørn joined the global metal scene fronting Masterplan, with whom he released two albums. In 2005, Jørn also teamed up with Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen on the album The Battle, and their following album, The Revenge, released May 11, 2007.

On May 11, 2006, Jørn Lande left the band Masterplan because of creative differences. Jørn wanted to take the band towards a more melodic style, while the other members were leaning towards a heavier sound. Jørn sings on Masterplans last album, Time to be King, which was released may, 2010.

Jørn's first live album, Live In America, was released September 21, 2007, containing 2 discs with tracks taken from his performance on September 16, 2006, at the rock festival ProgPower VII in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2007, Jørn Lande lent his voice to the Ayreon album 01011001 and the latest Avantasia album The Scarecrow, both being released in January 2008.

Another full-length album was released on June 6th 2008. Titled Lonely Are The Brave, the 9-track album is also available as a limited edition slipcase version with two additonal songs, including a cover of the title track to Deep Purple's 1974 album Stormbringer.