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Dark Moor


1994-  Enrik Garcia - guitars
2003-  Alfred Romero - vocals
2004-2008  Daniel Fernández - bass
› 2015-  -//-
2021-  Carlos Delgado (I) - drums
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1994-1999  Iván Urbistondo - vocals
1999-2002  Roberto Peña de Camús - keyboards
1999-2003  Jorge Sáez - drums
1999-2003  Elisa Candelas Martín - vocals
1999-2003  Albert Maroto - guitars, vocals
1999-2004  Anan Kaddouri - bass
2003-2004  José A. Garrido - guitars
2003-2006  Andy C. - drums
2006-2021  Roberto Cappa - drums
2008-2015  Mario García González - bass
2015  Ricardo Moreno - bass
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2002  Dan Keying - vocals
2003  Beatriz Albert - vocals
2007  Manda Ophuis - vocals
2007  Hendrik J. de Jong - guitars
2007  Andy C. - drums
2009  Itea Benedicto - vocals
2010  Berenice Musa - vocals
› 2013  -//-
2015  Luigi Stefanini - hammond organ
2018  Pablo Sancha - piano

Latest reviews

Within the world of power metal, Dark Moor is a band that deserves to be higher up the food chain. Sure, they're well known and respected, but they should really be on the top tier of the genre. Throughout their almost 20 year history they have consistently...
Review by Susan ››
Spain's largest Metal act, Dark Moor, returns with their sixth full-length album, their second after the big departure, when half the band left and created a new band, Dreamaker, and among them one of Dark Moor's largest hallmarks, the female...
Review by Malcolm ››
And then, all our questions will be answered, but the most important one, will ?Dark Moor? survive without Elisa C. Martin?
When Elisa, Albert Maroto and Jorge Saez left ?Dark Moor? and created ?Dreamaker? many wondered if ?Dark Moor? should survive,...
Review by Malcolm ››
It is quite an usual thing for an EP to contain eight songs and to last 51 minutes. And unfortunately, this album is also the last release of the Spanish Dark Moor with this line up, as the singer Elisa Martin now is in the French band Fairyland, one...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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