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1996-2004  John Haughm - drums, guitars, vocals
› 2004-2016  -//- guitars, vocals
1996-2016  Don Anderson - guitars, piano, vocals
1996-2016  Jason William Walton - bass
2007-2016  Aesop Dekker - drums
2023-  Hunter Ginn - drums
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1996-2001  Shane Breyer - keyboards
2004-2007  Chris Greene - drums
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2001-2002  Danielle Norton - trombone
2001-2002  Ty Brubaker - double bass, accordion
2001-2002  Ronn Chick - synths, mandolin, bells, programming
› 2006  -//- piano, ebow
2010  Nate Carson - synthesizer, vibraphone, glockenspiel
2010  Veleda Thorsson - percussion
2010  Jeffrey Neblock - piano, field recordings
2010  Steven Wray Lobdell - backing vocals
2010  Mathias Grassow - synthesizer
2010  Jackie Perez Gratz - cello
2014  Nathanaël Larochette - acoustic guitars

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Agalloch have never favoured doom as forcefully as they have on The Serpent & The Sphere. So blatantly delivered, it would appear that this new resolve has completely shattered their ability and will to instil the expected level of atmosphere in their fifth full-length effort. But appearances can be deceiving.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Like remembering a dream, the opening minutes of this album serenade us with a haunting cello solo. The sound of a nearby forest stream provides a backdrop for this melody; it's a familiar yet distant setting. Have I been here before? Just as the...
Review by Susan ››
Everyone could use a 30-minute break to contemplate the beautiful, harrowing, and miraculous nature of life, and Agalloch are here to provide exactly that break.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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