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Aura Noir

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Country: Norway
Label: Indie Recordings

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Formed in: 1993

1995- Black metal
1995- Thrash metal


1993-  Apollyon - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
1993-2005  Aggressor - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
› 2005-  -//- bass, guitars, vocals
1996-  Blasphemer - guitars
2011-  Kristian Valbo - drums
2019-  Øyvind Myrvoll - drums
1998  Sverre Dæhli - guitars
2004  Fenriz - vocals
2004  Nattefrost - vocals
2008  Danny Coralles - guitars

Latest reviews

As you probably already know, Mr. Thrash and Mr. Black Metal are cousins. If you're still a bit doubtful about this obvious fact, I will give you a name which should teach you reality and this name is Aura Noir. Maybe that you still don't know...   Review by Jeff ››
Honestly, I only heard about Aura Noir some months before when Fenriz, talked about them in the interview that he did for Understand that it was a real pleasure for me to receive from Tyrant Syndicate the last release of the Norwegian...   Review by Jeff ››

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