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Aura Noir


1993-  Apollyon - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
1993-2005  Aggressor - bass, drums, guitars, vocals
› 2005-  -//- bass, guitars, vocals
1996-  Blasphemer - guitars
2011-  Kristian Valbo - drums
2019-  Øyvind Myrvoll - drums
1995  Bestial Tormentor - backing vocals
1995  Fenriz - vocals
› 2004  -//-
1998  Sverre Dæhli - guitars
2004  Nattefrost - vocals
2008  Danny Coralles - guitars

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As you probably already know, Mr. Thrash and Mr. Black Metal are cousins. If you're still a bit doubtful about this obvious fact, I will give you a name which should teach you reality and this name is Aura Noir. Maybe that you still don't know...
Review by Jeff ››
Honestly, I only heard about Aura Noir some months before when Fenriz, talked about them in the interview that he did for Understand that it was a real pleasure for me to receive from Tyrant Syndicate the last release of the Norwegian...
Review by Jeff ››
Exceptionally, this review will be special. This is not because I'm really lazy today, but because this new cd of the England label Peaceville, is a compilation of Black Metal produced by Mr Fenriz of Darkthrone. No rating, and no critics on the...
Review by Jeff ››

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