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2005-  Fabio Palombi - vocals
2005-  Jacopo Rossi - bass
2008-  Ermàl Zaka - guitar, backing vocals
2013-  Fabio "Lord Of Fog" Triggiani - drums
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2005-2008  Riky - guitar
2005-2011  Massimo "Max" Marandino - drums
2013  Fabio Cuomo - drums
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2011-2012  Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski - drums
2007  Tommy Talamanca - guitar solo
› 2010  -//- guitars, piano
2007  Trevor Nadir - vocals

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In recent years, the Italian scene seems to have grown exponentially, especially on the thrash and/or death side of things. Sadly but logically, this increase did see a lot of average bands coming to life.

So yes, Nerve come from Italy, and they play...
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