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Árstíðir Lífsins


2008-  Stefán Drechsler - bass, guitars, vocals
2008-  Árni Bergur Zoëga - drums, viola, vocals
2008-  Marsél - vocals
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2008-2013  Jorge "Georg" Blutaar - vocals
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2010-  Sveinn - horns, keyboards
2010  Kristján - choir vocals
2010  Lóretta - choir vocals
2010  Colin - choirs
2010  Þórarinn - choirs
2010-2012  Christopher Duis - bodhrán
2012  Kristín - organ
2012  Tómas Ísdal - vocals
2012  Teresa - vocals
2013  Ísak Ríkharðsson - violin
2013  Hrafnhildur Marta Guðmundsdóttir - cello
2013  Guðbjartur Hákonarsson - viola
2013  Pétur Björnsson - violin
2014  Bjartur - viola

Latest reviews

Get ready to embark on an 80-minute epically atmospheric journey to uncover Iceland's troubling and uncertain past as if you were really there.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
As we near the end of what has been quite a memorable year for Icelandic black metal, the blackened folk trio Árstíðir Lífsins take you on a final journey inspired by Nordic runes and Skaldic literature with their latest epic EP, Hermalausaz.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
A metal viking themed album? That's really new and not done to death. But if it's such a done to death thing, why is it that Árstíðir Lífsins feel so authentic when doing it?
Review by RaduP ››

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