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1998-  Markus Teeäär - vocals, guitar
2000-  Lauri Õunapuu - vocals, guitar, flutes, torupill
2001-  Raivo "KuriRaivo" Piirsalu - bass, vocals
2017-  Tõnis Noevere - drums
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1998-2000  Andrus Tins - bass
1998-2004  Factor - drums
2004-2017  Marko Atso - drums, vocals, shamanic drum
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2014  Jonne Järvelä - vocals


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It's bands like Metsatöll that are exceptions to the currently dwindling state of folk metal. Less and less bands seem to be springing out of the woodwork to present anything particularly unique or individual and thankfully Metsatöll are there for fans as they maintain their distance from this trend, and continue to colourfully folk up the scene with their latest album Karjajuht.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Metsatöll have managed to issue another fine album. Äio is a classical release true to the band's style with artwork by Jüri Arrak known for his distinctive paintings concerning Estonian folk tales. This album is another longer one...
Review by Ernis ››
Metsatöll's debut album was a raw and ugly piece of music. But It was, in all it's dreadfulness, and despite the horrible sound a truly and utterly captivating album. Metsatöll has come a long way since then - they've improved...
Review by destroyah ››

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