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Jonne Järvelä


1993-1997 Shamaani Duo - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals  
1993-2003 Shaman (FIN) - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, djembe, tambourine  
2003- Korpiklaani - vocals, guitars, hurdy-gurdy, percussion  
2017- Jonne - vocals, guitars, violafon, hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, kantele, percussion  

Guest musician

2001 Finntroll - vocals  
2010 Dalriada - vocals  
2011 Troll Bends Fir - vocals  
2012 Varg - vocals  
2013 Metsatöll - vocals  


Personal information

Born on: 03.06.1974
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Jonne Järvelä (born June 3rd, 1974) is the vocalist/guitarist of the Finnish band Korpiklaani and of former project Shaman. He is known in the folk metal scene for his yoiking and contributed the yoik on the Finntroll album, Jaktens Tid. He once was a member of the Sami music group Angelin tytöt. His most recent project with Korpiklaani has been the album Karkelo.