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Cancer Bats


2004-  Liam Cormier - vocals
2005-  Mike Peters - drums
2007-  Jaye R. Schwarzer - bass, backing vocals
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2004-2005  Joel Bath - drums
2004-2006  Andrew McCracken - bass
2004-2021  Scott Middleton - guitars, backing vocals
2006-2007  Jason Bailey - bass
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2012  Dez Fafara - vocals

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If you’re such a good psychic, then why did you get put in jail to begin with?
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Why did Batman need mouthwash?
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It's strange, a band does something to make you love them, then they go and do the exact opposite with the next release, and yet it sounds just as great, if not better. That's right ladies and gentlemen, your favourite hardcore band is back for what feels essentially like a rejuvenated re-working of their last album, Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones.
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