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The SLoT

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Also known as Слот, Slot

Country: Russia
Label: M2 Company

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Formed in: 2002

2002-Alternative metal
2002-Nu metal


2002-  Cache - vocals, keyboards, programming
2002-  ID - guitars, vocals, programming
2006-  Nookie - vocals, keyboards
2014-  Nikita Muravyov - bass
2016-  Ghost - drums
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2002-2003  Teona Dolnikova - vocals
2002-2004  Alexey Nazarchuk - drums
2002-2004  Den Khromykh - bass
2004-2006  Mikhail "Mikheich" Korolev - bass
2004-2006  IF - vocals
2004-2015  The Dude - drums
2006-2009  MiX - bass
2009-2014  NiXon - bass, contrabass
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2016  Vasily Gorshkov - drums
2003  Yulia Stitch - vocals
2003  IF - vocals
2006  Teona Dolnikova - vocals
2012  Vasily Gorshkov - drums
› 2015-2016  -//-
2013-2014  Nikita Muravyov - bass
2020  Люся Махова - violin
2007  August Krepak - cello
2008  Pavel Kozlov - piano
2009  Amadel - vocals
2009  Dmitry Rishko - violin, backing vocals
2009  Sergey Mavrin - guitars
2010  Kirill Nemolyaev - vocals
2011  Roman Rain - vocals
2011  Artur Berkut - vocals
2012  Teona Dolnikova - vocals

Latest reviews

My understanding is that this is a live album of sorts. Of sorts, because it's more like live in the studio, and more than "live in the studio," it's more like each member alone at home recording live in their own studio. It may be a sad development that the pandemic has reduced live music to such a state, but, hey, a new Slot release. That's still good news for me.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
I think I'm going to cave to our recent trend (for now) and omit a rating for this review; it always gets me in trouble when I review The SLoT anyway. Ain't gonna stop me from putting this in my top five of 2018... but now you losers have to read.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Aside from the time they literally made the same album twice, The SLoT has never made the same album twice. Even 14 years in, Cache and ID still have new ways to challenge themselves and their bandmates into broaching new territory. Now officially nine-for-nine, The SLoT once more answers the question of how perfection can be improved upon.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
It would take me four or five reviews to explain everything I think about Шестой, so I shall try to keep it simple. Ladies and gentlemen, I know what my album of the year is.

Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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