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Also known as Sator

Country: Poland
Label: Roadrunner Records

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Formed in: 1997

1997- Gothic metal


1997-  Paulina "Paula" Maślanka - vocals
1997-  Jaroslaw Baran - guitar, drums (1997-1998)
2002-  Jakub "Cube" Kubica - keyboards
2005-  Grzegorz Gustof - guitar
2005-  Marek Tkocz - bass
2006-  Ziemowit "Ziemo" Rybarkiewicz - drums
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1997-2000  Tomasz Polczyk - keyboards
1997-2003  Sebastian Wojtowicz - guitar
1997-2005  Piotr Szymanski - bass
1998-2000  Daniel Kaczmarczyk - drums
2000-2002  Tomasz Baran - drums
2000-2002  Barbara Lasek - keyboards
2002-2006  Piotr Wojcik - drums
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Delight is a gothic metal outfit hailing from Poland, it seems that nowadays Poland has become a infinte source of gothic metal bands... better watch out Finland!

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